Sunday, July 25, 2010

More reasons to walk with the Lord

Since my last post, I've traveled to the mountains and again beheld God's glory. Nothing like mountains or oceans to make us feel small.

So far, I've listed 6 reasons to walk with the Lord. To review, here they are:
1.The Lord loved me enough to die for me.
2.He provides my daily necessities.
3.He gives me instruction and guidance.
4.He answers my prayers according to what's best for me.
5.He furnishes courage when I'm fearful.
6.He renews strength when I'm weak.

Have you came up with your list yet?

Here's my number seven and eight;

7. He provides protection and help when I'm powerless.
Overcome with a compulsive eating disorder, I had to first admit powerlessness to get God's help.
Life offers up many challenges for which we have no place of safety except through the Lord: death, disease, financial bankruptcy, rebellious children, divorce. I wouldn't like to be without God's covering.

8. He gives confidence when I have low self esteem.
Most of the time, I've struggled with this problem, but with the Lord in my
corner, I can do all things.

Work on your list. Count your blessings. Then, life becomes worthwhile.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why do I walk with the Lord?

Why do I walk with Lord?

I've come up with fourteen reasons and have posted four so far.

Maybe you've come up with your own list.
If someone ask you today that question, how would you answer it?

Here's my number five and six reasons.

5. He furnishes courage when I am fearful.
Ever tried to face a scary situation alone?

6. He renews strength when I'm weak.
Which is most of the time---thank you, Jesus. In fact, when I am at my weakest point, God is closer than ever.

Keep thinking and praying about your own reasons.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why do I walk with the Lord?

Last Sunday, I posed the question "Why do I walk with the Lord?" I noted I had fourteen reasons and listed numbers one and two.
Today, I'm giving reasons number three and four.

3. He gives me instruction and guidance since He knows all things.
Boy do I need this one!

4. He answers my prayers knowing full well what's best for me.
Guess I don't get everything I want, huh?

Thank you again, Lord, for these benefits.

Next Sunday we'll explore the next two reasons on my list.
Have you made your list yet?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two reasons I walk with the Lord

What would I say if someone asked me why I walked with the Lord?

I sat down and thought of fourteen reasons. I decided to post two each week.

Here's number one:

The Lord loved me enough to die for me.

I can't imagine love like that, nor can I understand it. Francis Chan calls it in his recent book by the same name, crazy love. Gratitude for such love overwhelms me. It shakes up my world. How can I not submit?

Number two reason:

He provides my daily sustenance.

I look to Him for my needs, day by day. Without the Lord, I'm deplete.

Think with me what your reasons are. Next Sunday I'll list two more.