Sunday, February 21, 2010


Life becomes a walk on a tightrope with a delicate balance between what we need and what we like. Often, my feet step off the rope and teeter above a harsh, unrelenting floor. Recently, I fell off that rope by becoming stressed and overwhelmed to the point of becoming cranky and hard to live with.

Most of my time revolved around writing or writing-related activities such as critiquing, loops, courses, looking up markets or fulfilling roles in my groups. Family time, even time with the Lord, interrupted my driving ambition. Life ceased to be fun. When I crashed into the net, God required of me to quit all writing except to fulfill definte prior obligations.

While I'm sprawled on the floor and looking up at God, He's teaching me one more time the wisdom of balance in my life. For every weight, we lay on one end of our teeter-totter, we must lay an equal and offsetting weight at the other end.

Ecclesiastes 11: 8 "However many years a man may live, let him enjoy them all."

Lord, thank You once again for breaking my fall, for holding me until I regain consciousness and for tipping me onto my feet, so I can take baby steps while balancing with the touch of Your hand.