Sunday, January 17, 2010


PRIDE--the sin committed by a beautiful angel of God called Lucifer. In Genesis, we read of the first sin. God doesn't give us laws to punish us or make it hard on us. His laws show us how to live and cope with life. The ruling He offered Adam and Eve was to merely refrain from eating one fruit--so they wouldn't die. Pride tempted Eve with being as smart as God. She succumbed, as we all often do.

Satan uses pride to his best advantage. As many of the devil's tools, pride slips in without our realization. We believe it's not something that tempts us until we look at the many sides of the sin. Pride hides behind our defensive attitude, our hurt feelings, our territorial stance.

In any chosen field, pride can seep in like a sneaky intruder, but I look at it from the role of Christian writer. When I tighten up at criticism of my writing or feel an edge of envy at another writer's success, that's pride nibbling at my toes. Even handling rejection with anger shows pride in my life. Writing isn't about just getting published for me, it's about ministering God's word.

God gives me words to share with others. As long as I'm grateful to write for Him regardless of where those words are seen, pride releases its power over me. In ministry, we work not for our glory, but for God's, so getting uptight about what person gets the compensation or praise is pride. We find this in all types of ministry even in our local churches. If we don't receive the glory for our work, we get irritated. The devil sneaks in a measure of pride to tear down God's work. The bad thing is many times he's successful.

Time and time again, I'm reminded to check up on my measure of committment to God. He called me to write.

Lord, please make me aware when Satan has slipped into my work. You are my primary reader and critic. Use my words for Your work and delete my pouting pride.

Next month, I'll look into another sin that works on me. Can you guess what it is?