Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time for Thanks

Recently, I finished a Beth Moore series on "Esther." Very interesting and very unusual study. All through the ten lessons, we spotted God's obvious hand in everything, yet not once, in the book of Esther, was the name of God mentioned. The last lesson on Tuesday talked about the party at the end of the book. Not only did they rejoice that day, but every day at that time of year, the Jewish people met for feasts, gave gifts to each other and celebrated what they called Purim to remember God's protection during that time. Our Jewish friends still honor Purim today.
We also have holidays set up to remind us of God's blessing and protection. How many can you name--Easter, Christmas, Independence Day? This month we celebrate Thanksgiving, one of my favorites. On Thanksgiving we prepare a feast and invite family and friends to rejoice together and take time to be thankful.
Our family tradition is, before we eat, each one says what they're thankful for that year. One year my middle daughter and her husband thanked God for His blessing though they had lost a beautiful daughter three months before. One year, my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter had moved fifteen hundred miles away, and my mother had passed away both shortly before the holiday. This year hurt feelings and unkind words hinder part of our family's rejoicing. Nevertheless, God is faithful through all seasons of life.
As we close our Esther study, I thought of how many times I'd taken a prayer request to God only to forget later to thank Him for the answer. Now, at thanksgiving time, I resolve to remember to praise more than I petition. From my family to yours, happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for my readers.

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