Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Lessons We Learn in Trying Times

Wouldn't it be nice if we learned about God's nature when life was pleasing, when no major problems interrupted? Alas, that's not the way it usually works. When life knocks us down and kicks us in the side, we look up to see Jesus gently cleansing our wounds and wiping our tears.
Once again this last month, I've had occasion to reach up searching for God in my misery. On Sept. 29 I had surgery. My doctor said I'd be a "little sore" and at least two friends said they were up and going in a week after their procedure. The reality of pain and problems hit me like an intruder standing over me beating with a baseball bat (my daughter's favorite weapon.).
Friends and family ministered with flowers, cards, calls and most of all, prayers. One of my daughters visited. Ten days into my convalescence, when I thought I might live, my husband, my caregiver, fell ill. For several days, we were a troublesome twosome.
During this time, God again demonstrated his love and concern. Friends can't always be there, but God doesn't get a virrus, and you don't mind him seeing you at your worst (He already has.). His tender loving care bathes the feverish brow and calms the painful cramps. In the midst of hurt, I could call out, and He arrived--every time--not always like I thought, but He came.
With my calendar cleared, God had me where He wanted me--slowed to listen and learn. We become observers of life seeing needs we'd forgotten to pray for, or feeling compassion for those we forgot. Looking from the perspective now of coming out on the other side with the worst behind me, I see God's hand in the bad days.
I prefer not having trying times again, but when they come, and I know they will, I can look forward to special communion with my Savior.


newasaann said...

What an inspiration you are Janet. It is amazing the lessons we learn when we are flat of our seems to be in the "down times" that God speaks to us. This past March I had the Flu and God gave me some wonderful thoughts about the 23rd. Psalm. Keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

Thanks, Janet, that was very uplifting indeed. I don't think I've ever looked at your blog before but I will again. I know what you mean about God showing up in the hard times. He's probably always there, we just don't look for Him like we do during the grim days when we need Him the most.

I am so glad you are improving. Praise the Lord!

Love you,