Sunday, June 21, 2009

Writing as Ministry

At a writing conference in May, I took a course from my dear friend, well-known author, DiAnn Mills. She calls the workshop "Writing as Ministry." She was one of the first people to impress on me that writing can be a ministry not unlike teaching a group of girls or calling first time visitors at church. A group of us started a new church here in Wichita Falls, Texas about eight years ago. The first time we called a pastor, we sat in meetings to determine our mission statement. DiAnn suggested our writing ministry needed a mission statement. I've worked on and prayed about that since then.
God gave me "Thus speaketh the Lord God of Israel, saying, Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book." Jeremiah 30:2 KJV. God didn't say write the words and send them to everyone you think might need to read them. He merely said, "write the words."
When I become discouraged over the slowness of getting my fiction published, I remember the published short stories in Sunday school take-home papers, and I pray they'll touch someone's heart. The longer fiction I write may be meant to minister to my daughter, my critique partners, or perhaps just myself. When my writing is needed by someone else, God will bring it forth. He told me to "write all the words He spoke to me." God's job is to send it to the person or people that need those words.
Recently, I found a book written by an old friend who passed away. Read about it on Lou Gatlin's book "Take Cover" reminded me that our written words live on after we're gone.
What is the ministry God has laid on my heart? Writing. Each moment I sit at my computer and type, I worship the Lord.

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I like you mission statement.