Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God's Safe-guarding and Splendor

On Thursday, April 16, we planned on a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas taking our travel trailer. Friends with their trailer would go with us. My husband and I are camping novices. Twice, we ventured to a nearby lake for a weekend excursion, but this would be our longest trip.

The weather report claimed strong storms would move across the area on Thursday night and into Friday morning, but clear by afternoon. We postponed the trip from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning. We didn't get the storms in Wichita Falls. We left Friday at nine in the morning.

An hour away from home, high winds and blinding rain hit. No picnic areas or pull-off places appeared. We had no option but to push forward. Charles and I watched our friend's fifth wheeler lift off the ground, and we feared it would roll, but it came to rest once more on the road. Both trailers snaked along the highway. Both couples prayed. The men held tight to the steering wheels and inched along. I gripped the side as if it would help the steering.

One other time between Marble Falls, TX. and Stonewall, TX. we fought blinding rain. My mother always said, "God takes care of children and fools." I guess I know our classification. Praise be to God for keeping us safe and bringing us to our destination albeit tensed and exhausted.

While at Fredericksburg in central Texas, we beheld God's glory in spring's wildflowers, rivers, and majestic hills of granite. No work of art can outdo God's paintbrush.

Thank you, Lord for your safe-guarding and splendor.

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Moonine Sue Watson said...

Wow, Janet. You keep having adventures don't you. My parents had to leave their trailer at a truck stop near California because the winds were so fierce. I'm glad you had a wonderful time in the end. That area is so beautiful. I hope you returned refreshed and ready to rejoin the hectic pace of your life.