Monday, January 19, 2009

Amazing Grace

"My chains have gone. I've been set free." Those words still bring joy to my heart. Once, binge eating and depression kept me prisoner, but God's amazing grace set me free.

This week, God's grace has echoed in my mind over and over. Wednesday night's Bible class at church taught me about the awesome love of God. The closest thing in real life to help me understand that love is my three grandchildren. I know they're not perfect. Sometimes, they're real messes, but just thinking about them warms my heart. To watch them play or talk about something that interets them brings a glow like no other for me. To think God loves me that way brings tears to my eyes. Because he loves me, his grace is unending.

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound." Words from a familiar hymn reminds every Christian that no sin is too great for God. I heard it said this week that God went with a lady while she used drugs. She grieved the Holy Spirit, but He wouldn't leave her, in case she stopped and asked for His forgiveness. What kind of love is that? Myself, I can't imagine it, but I stand in awe.

As I deliberated about what I should blog today, I went to a Bible study on Revelation.

My pastor said, "Aren't we lucky to be living in the age of grace? Sometimes, I think we take it for granted."

I was taking notes, but at that point, my hand stopped in mid air. My mouth flew open. Yes, we do take it for granted, the most wonderful gift of any since time began.

Lord, help me never to be guilty of not praising your name and thanking you daily for your amazing grace. Without it, where would I be?


Karen Kelley said...

Great blog, Janet!
Karen Kelley

Unknown said...

I like your comments. I agree we (I) take God’s grace for granted far too often.


Donna McDine said...

Hi Janet..wonderful blog...keep up the great work!

Donna McDine