Monday, November 17, 2008


Failure tastes rancid
As a life chapter closes.
Disquiet and uncertainty
Life now discloses.

God isn't the author
Of an unsound mind.
Yet He leads through a maze
of trouble aligned.

I taste bitterness now.
What's that ingredient?
Submission to God makes
Giving-in expedient.

I search for the reason
I plead with my God
Did I misread your direction
Is it the wrong road I've trod?

No, my child He explains
You cannot understand my thought
They're higher than yours
So don't be distraught.

Dessert will come later
I view the whole meal.
Stay in the kitchen
Pray for the yield.

How say you, you've failed
When the dinner's not ready.
The yeast is still rising
Now hold fast and steady.

On my Thanksgiving feast
I'll sound the alert
We'll gather round the table
You'll be surprised at your worth.

You haven't failed.
I stuck a gold star
On the list I am keeping
That no man can mar.