Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Never Know What a Day Will Hold

Every few years or months something happens that reminds me of the uncertainty of our lives. I'm a planner or plotter as we call it in the writing world. Recently one of my writing groups discussed online how they came up with a book's characters and action. Many sit down and plot out the entire book including detailed character sketches before they ever write the first sentence of the manuscript. Others get a good idea, and begin to write without any knowledge of how it will end. Once thing both groups had in common, however, were they never could know for sure how their characters would act. With people, like with book characters, life happens. Things change, we change regardless of plans.
Friday, October 10, I had my plans all set out. After the Lord and I had our daily visit, I would write for a couple hours, go walk at the mall with my husband, go to a Weight Watcher meeting, eat lunch, then have my hair fixed. None of those things got done. With an early phone call we learned the paramedics were loading my father-in-law to take to a hospital in Greenville, near where they live, and my husband and I packed and dashed out the door in half hour's time not knowing what we faced or how long we'd be gone. In this case, we did lose that precious man. He's been bedfast for two and a half years, but now he's dancing in heaven.
I've had days like this before when all my plans flew out the window. Life changes the best-laid plans. Occassionally it happens as a happy thing, an unexpected visit from someone you haven't seen in awhile or the birth of your child or grandchild. All too often, it's a difficult twist to our journeys- an accident, a death, a tragic event.
My organized mind screams for planning, but I realize the most important plan I must make is keeping things right between the Lord and myself. Who knows when God might call me home or that trumpet might sound for all our lives to change for eternity? Be prepared. Be prayed up and ready.