Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Testimony

God answers prayer. God heals. I believe this. Sometimes the healing comes over a period of time (way too long to our way of thinking), but once in awhile, we have those times of immediate healing. God's supremacy and will dictates how He answers our prayers. Three weeks ago God gave me one of those immediate healings where you feel like lying prone on the floor in wonder and appreciation at His power.

The last six months for me progressed with ever increasing pain in my back and legs. I finally went to the doctor the first of May, then went through the cycle of trying new pain medicine, having an MRI, going to the neurosurgeon to discuss options and finally was sent to the Pain Rehab doctor to try steroid shots first, but the neurosurgeon didn't give me much hope of it helping with my diagnosis. While I followed this prescribed medical path, my pain exacerbated.

In July Charles and I took a vacation to the Rocky Mountains. Our favorite thing to do is hiking the trails there. I could barely walk much less hike. Stairs became my worst nightmare. Charles would grab my arm and use his strength to pull me up. Putting my weight on my right leg was impossible. Even the slight inclines hurt, but I did walk some because I felt better after the exercise.

On Sunday July 27, I stood in church. I love our worship services where I clap and sing and sway to the music. I couldn't. When I clapped my hands, my body tried to keep time with the beat which sent excruciating pain through my back and legs. I sat down and cried. "I can't even worship God at church anymore," I told my husband. Knowing we would soon have a time at the altar for those with needs, he encouraged me to go to the front and ask for prayer. I did and was blessed by a young lady who prayed for me along with the pastor and others.

When I walked back to my seat, I realized I had no more pain. I marveled as I listened to the sermon and continued in amazement the rest of the day that I was pain-free. The steroid shot appointments had already been set up, one for the next week, and one for the week following. Charles and I discussed maybe I should reinforce my healing by going on with the scheduled procedures, and I did that. But I never had the bad pain again after that Sunday. Prior to the first shot, I cleaned house bending and stooping without pain. Between the two shots, I helped decorate our church for a special service for the girls. I went up and down stairs repeatedly all afternoon. God had healed me.

As I thought what I wanted to post this month, I realized I needed to give honor to God for what He did for me. I still pray for many out there waiting for their healing. It's already on the way. God has reminded me He can do anything.


Shirley Harkins said...

What a wonderful testimony, Janet. I didn't realize you were in such pain. I prayed for years before God delivered me from ulcerlative colitis. I think it may have been because I wasn't a believer at the time. I continued to pray because of the parable of the widow and the godless judge. (I wasn't saved then, but I've always read the Bible) After several years, God seemed to use my healing as a teaching and definitely got my attention. I didn't get saved until four years after that. Because of this experience, I'm still faithful of another healing. Thank you for building my faith.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What an amazing testimony, Janet. Thank you so much for sharing.

Moonine Sue Watson said...

What an encouraging story to share!
I am so happy that you are free at last of your pain. This gives me courage to pray about my own leg pain. It's funny because I thought about it the other day and realized I hadn't directly asked God to heal the pain. I've just been complaining about it. Thank you.