Thursday, May 8, 2008

Short timer's attitude

Have any of you decided to switch jobs or ministries, but had to finish out a time period before you left? We call that short timer's attitude. Two years ago when I left the position I'd held for 18 years, I spent seven months finding someone to replace me and training her. During that time, I felt my life stopped-on hold- until I actually left.

Now I'm finding something of the same feelings with a ministry to girls at my church I've been involved with for 5 1/2 years. I've given notice, but will continue to teach through May with some helps until after the first part of August. I try to get excited about teaching,but the luster has gone. The girls aggravate more than they used to. I find I dread Wedsnesday nights where I used to look forward to them.

How have you handled this problem? I've prayed. But I'm stuck in limbo. I can't focus on my new upcoming ministry and I don't want to focus on my present ministry.
Any ideas out there?