Thursday, March 27, 2008

Critique group

For years I wrote for myself, selling a few short stories on the way, and reading Writer's Digest magazine along with ordering some of their books. Two and a half years ago I decided to get in earnest about learning the craft of writing. WOW, did I find out how much I didn't know. Since then I've went to two major conferences, one mini conference, did several online courses, joined two local groups and three national ones along with three online loops.

All of the above has taught me a lot. Today I'd like to focus on having a critique group. I would set these guidelines for someone thinking about this idea.

1. Join a group that writes similar things & has similar interests.

2. Critique with positive as well as negative ideas. We learn from both.

3. Encourage each other along the way & keep up with each of the group's writing journey.

4. Join with people you like. (This is important. We take criticism better from people we like.)

5. Keep the group small in size so you can critique & be critiqued without being overwhelmed.

(I'd suggest 3- 7 people)

Our group is called Burkburnett Critique Group. It consists of four ladies. We all write Christian women's or YA fiction, some romance, some mystery, some paranormal, some general. We critique online as we finish something we'd like other's input on. We meet once a month to encourage and train.

Critique groups can be a valuable tool on the road to being published and will continue to benefit you after you receive "the call".

Happy writing all,

Janet K. Brown

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Linda Broday said...

Janet, you're doing good at this! Congratulations on the Burkburnett Critique Group. I think we all need extra sets of eyes to read our work. I know I do. I miss so many things so it's great to have an extra brain or two. Especially when mine's dead. lol Good luck with your writing. You'll get there if you keep at it. The secret to publishing is perseverence. wink